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The Southern Fold


"THEY CITE Hank Williams and Kurt Cobain as their inspirations, and they seek to communicate messages of truth and honesty through harmony singing and the craft of songwriting in its simplest, purist, form."

- Kernan Andrews, Galway Advertiser

Formed in south east Ireland by Kilkenny native Emlyn Holden in 2014 and joined by Dubliner Laura Hand as co-vocalist the following year, The Southern Fold began gigging in earnest performing a number of self penned songs in the alternative Folk / country-blues vein.

Their debut EP, ‘A True Ascension from the Wayward Path’ was released on 28th April, 2016.  At this timethey brought aboard new members Frieda Freytag (Dave Couse, Fox Owl Crow) on Cello & Piano, Joe Maher (The Mariannes) on Guitar and Rob Campbell (Pine the Pilcrow) on Cello & Upright Bass.  This helped broaden their sound and introduce more dynamics to the songs.  The band have been busy on the Irish gig circuit playing such venues in Dublin as Whelan’s, the Workman’s Club, Thomas House and Bloom in the Park.  Also playing venues outside of Dublin like The Watergate Theatre, Set Theatre and John Cleere’sof Kilkenny, Monroe’s of Galway and Kenny’s of Lahinch.

They are currently working on a brand new single (scheduled for Autumn ‘17) followed by a full length album due later this year.  This is all taking place at Crossroads Recording in Kilkenny and they have some exciting gigs lined up over the summer months including - 15th July with Hermitage Green at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre in Kilkenny;  no less than three appearances at the Free Fringe Fest in Leitrim (23rd/24th July) and a Thomas House show in Dublin with Blackbird & Crow on 4th August.

The Southern Fold have started playing their live shows with drums and electric bass added to the mix.  These two new additions are included on the sessions for the new record and all band members are very excited with the sound which has resulted in a natural musical progression taking place.


The Southern Fold

Emlyn Holden - Vocals / Guitar/ Harmonica

Laura Hand - Vocals

Joe Maher - Guitar

Frieda Freytag - Cello & Piano

Rob Campbell - Cello & Upright Bass

Conor Schweini - Electric Bass

Jamie Fitzpatrick - Drums



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A True Ascension From The Wayward Path

- Self-released ep

April 2016